AJ Burgin


AJ Burgin originally joined the Process editorial board in 2013, when it was still a fledgling journal called e.g. During her time as a Literature PhD student, she was part of an editorial team that turned the small, local journal into a space for undergraduates around the world to engage in conversations that matter to them and to reimagine the possibilities for undergraduate scholarship. 

AJ’s research background is centered on the role of violence in twentieth-century British literature and fashion, looking especially at how violence against marginalized groups can and has been turned into styles of resistance (both literary and sartorial). AJ has published on violence and temporality in Martin Amis’ Time’s Arrow, reviewed horror movies, and, in her role as Assistant Director of UW’s Expository Writing Program, served as a lead editor for Writer/Thinker/Maker, for which she is also a contributing author.

She has taught classes both at the University of Washington and at UC Santa Barbara on first-year composition, the rhetoric of social change, pop culture, diversity in higher education, and British literature. She currently works with at-risk students as a Learning Specialist for the University of Washington’s Student-Athlete Academic Services program.