Volume 2 Issue 2: On Borders


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday, February 26, 2018

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Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship is currently accepting submissions for Vol. 2 Issue 2: On Borders. We are particularly excited about this theme because definitions for and characterizations of “borders” or “boundaries” are quite dynamic and can be explored from a variety of perspectives, including, for example, how boundaries and borders manifest as a result of various linguistic, sexual, racial, gendered, and classed experiences. We also find it a particularly useful construct for thinking through and discussing our current historical moment. In the past year alone, not only have ideological differences contributed to intensified divisions around the world, but political rhetoric has also repeatedly and explicitly invoked the need for stronger and more secure borders. The language of borders--from travel bans to tightened immigration and refugee policies around the world--has, in many respects, come to define our global, political and cultural existence. We are therefore eager to create space for crucial conversations on borders that transverse national and disciplinary lines.

We will consider any essay, creative piece, or multimodal project on borders, but we invite authors to consider the following topics as a starting point:

  • Borders and security (e.g. impact of border walls, travel bans, immigration, refugees etc.)

  • Residential segregation policies in the US

  • Sexual harassment as a violation of borders/boundaries

  • The body as a border both metaphorically and literally

  • The connections between nationalist rhetoric and the need to strengthen borders

  • How cultural products reflect/take up/respond to the idea of borders/boundaries

This issue of Process will focus on borders, but we welcome submissions on any topic. Be aware that general submissions, if accepted, will be saved for a suitable future issue at the discretion of the editorial board.


Please submit pieces for review by following the instructions on the Submissions page of the Process website: www.processjmus.org and include your full name and email address on the submitted document.

Questions may be directed to the editorial board at processj@uw.edu.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday, February 26, 2018