Volume 2 Issue 3: On Media




Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship is currently accepting submissions for its next issue, On Media. By “media,” we are not simply talking about news media or social media, but more broadly the rich array of textual, visual, audio, material, and electronic modes through which we communicate in the 21st century, including books, emails, websites, TV, music, film, photography, or social media platforms. As new and hybridized media have expanded not only our means of expression but the potential reach of our ideas, people around the world have found innovative ways to share information, debate, mobilize, and organize across borders. While transformations in digital media have come with certain risks and challenges--from privacy concerns to malware to cyberbullying--they have also created new cultural, artistic, political, and social possibilities.

We invite submissions that reflect upon or even demonstrate the capacities, limitations, and/or uses of media, broadly conceived, but we welcome authors to consider the following as a starting point:

  • The role of social media in global political movements (e.g. the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, and International Women’s Day protests)

  • New forms of intimacy and/or conflict between authors and their audiences (via comments, “likes,” retweeting, or hashtagging)

  • Experimentation with new media in photography, film, music, poetry, etc.

  • Representations of the media in pop culture (e.g. Black Mirror, Homeland, or The Daily Show)

  • How applied mathematics--social algorithms, machine learning, or big data--is shaping the face of consumer culture in media interfaces

  • The media’s influence on partisan politics (the effects of “fake news,” the 24-hour news cycle, and alternative media)

  • The impacts of new media on developing economies (e.g. the relationship between advertising and global capitalism)

This issue of Process will focus on media, but we welcome submissions on any topic. Be aware that general submissions, if accepted, will be saved for a suitable future issue at the discretion of the editorial board.

Please submit pieces for review by following the instructions on the Submissions page of the Process website: www.processjmus.org and include your full name and email address on the submitted document.

Questions may be directed to the editorial board at processj@uw.edu.