Originally housed at the University of Washington, Process started as e.g., an annual journal that showcased exemplary writing by first-year composition students. In 2016, a group of graduate students in the English department realized how unique this journal was and decided to think bigger. In relaunching the journal, we wanted to create a space for undergraduates around the world to connect and imagine new possibilities for what undergraduate writing and scholarship can be.

Published quarterly, Process seeks to engage and cultivate timely and stakes-driven conversations among undergraduates across campuses, encouraging students to actively participate in contemporary academia and public scholarship. These conversations cover a range of topics, but we are especially committed to submissions that demonstrate rigorous engagement with issues of social justice, transformative education, politics, identity, and cultural production.

As we expand and grow our readership over this next academic year, Process invites students, educators, and the general public to get in touch and tell us what topics or themes you’d like us to consider for future issues. Our job, as an editorial board, is to build conversations around the topics and themes that interest you!